Lacrosse For Love support the efforts of US Lacrosse to help grow this wonderful game.  

ALL tournament participants MUST be US Lacrosse Members in order to participate. You must provide your US Lacrosse membership numbers as well as expiration date when you complete your waiver. If you are not currently a member, please visit US Lacrosse to sign up, as well as receive information on potential benefits.

NOTE:  If it is found that a player has participated in a game without proper US Lacrosse Documentation on hand, she forfeits the right to any individual fundraising prizes as well as her coach & team to any fundraising prizes that they may have been eligible for. 


In the event of inclement weather, Lacrosse for a Cause reserves the right to altar schedules, fields & playing time, and/or cancel any and all games impacted by weather conditions to maintain safe play conditions and/or keep on time. 


Genesee Valley is private property.  The owners have permitted the use of Genesee fields and facilities for certain approved activities.

You can help Genesee to continue this service by observing a few rules which have been established for legal, safety and security reasons.

1)      No pets allowed whatsoever, even on leashes - YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE FACILITY.

2)      Remain in the immediate vicinity of your event.  Do not let anyone stray into the woods, near ponds, into farm area.

3)      Take all trash with you when you leave.

4)      Use openings in the fence to enter or leave.  Climbing over the fence can cause breakage.

5)      Park only in the designated areas. Do not park or stop along Rayville Road, driveways or fire lanes.

6)      In general, please respect the property (e.g. no littering, vandalism, etc.).

7)      No smoking on premises.

8)      No alcohol or weapons permitted.

Any violations of the above policies may result in the denial of facility use, removal from the premises, or fines to the individual or group.